Saturday, May 28, 2016

Gray Poetry

I don not want to go home

I don't want to belong

I don't need to be rooted

I don't like to own.

I wish to go there

where there's no plumbing or fixing the bulb

I need not worry about the peeling off

It's not mine.

I can let the vine tree grow and 

creep out from the crevices

I need not cement it up

The gray painted walls will not echo any familiar story

The ceiling can't tempt for death 

The mysterious cobweb below the staircase 

can stay with the bluish spider 

The pale ugly square mark on the wall

of that old painting may keep murmuring old history

I can keep making love signs with my finger

on the dust layer of the writing table

Nothing needs to be familiar

No one needs be known

I don't want to go home

I don't want to belong.

There's an uncanny freedom, a 'Mukti' 




being unsettled.


Grace said...

I like the sense of adventure of being uprooted and unsettled ~ But its a feeling I don't want to stay long though ~ Thanks for joining us at D'verse ~

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I can relate to that, though I tend to be a rooted person myself. I always have to have a nest, wherever I am...........but I have friends who know there is truly no "owning", and who understand we all live here as guests. A very cool poem. said...

Thanks for sharing with dVerse. Hope you stop by again -- and meander through. I think that would be exactly with the feeling of not staying -- meandering! Isn't it strange how we can feel "at home" when we are not?

brudberg said...

I do think that sooner or later new roots will grow, but there is always good reasons in the uprooting too, thank you for the share.

Toni Spencer said...

Thanks for joining us at dVerse. Hope you will meander about and get to know some of your neighbors! having been a wanderer at one point in my life, I'm glad to be rooted now, although I most definitely related to this years ago!

PremI said...

Liberty in Awareness is beautiful...
Or else unsettling restless...