Saturday, May 15, 2010

My destiny ..

I struggle for detachment
dissolving all fasten of love
I try to strangulate life
crush love
and suffocate passion,
to conquer my soul and
live today …
But how would I forget you,
my another soul?
For haven’t I wore you
within my blood and in my core?
I live you in my every breath,
I die in that pulsating pause
of your kiss.
I want to remain with you
as I remained attached to my mother’s womb.
And with a scary minute of realization
It dawns on me,
I have no one else as my own
I have nowhere else to go
for you are my destiny and
you are my shore.
My futile efforts of detachment mock me now
as with each passing moment
I tend to mark a beginning
in the end,
the myself in me
ache to cling to you
Today … and .... tomorrow.

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