Friday, May 14, 2010

Tribute to Valium 25mg

I allow you to come close to me
in the secret silent night;
you are the one for whom
I burn my pride!
Come dissolve into me,
wreck my soul, shatter my dreams,
embrace me in the comfort of your coffin,
play on and numb my senses,
hide my eyes that reflect pain,
help me crawl into my mother’s womb
a new beginning to gain,
burn my heart so that all remains are its ashes.
 I carry you in my sluggish vein
and just resign to my daily chores
In a dead passive existence
as I wait to be one with you just one more time
in the dark dead silences of the night.

Engulf my being like the first raindrop,
like weightless murmurs,
like the soft footsteps of a child.
Poison my core and sing me a lullaby
in a peaceful deadness belie.
Come to me in the ebbing joy of night’s descent
in a perfect bliss, sharp and tainted
when vivacious torturous emotion lay nude
and paranoia of memories create havoc,
mother me to a hushed solitude and
carve a niche for me among the throes of death
where composed tranquility is construed.


manas said...


Celestial Dreamz said...

^^^ thank you ... this is my favorite too.

Claudia said...

ha - i never read a poem in tribute to medicament before...what a cool idea and sounds like you have almost a love affair with your valium..smiles

Celestial Dreamz said...

^ hehe :P

Brian Miller said...

wow. intense. doling out meds to kids i work with this is all too real...i like the mix...poison my core, while mothering me....

Penny said...

Valium makes me violent. I am currently trying to kick anti-depressants. It is no fun. I can feel this one. Mixed emotions all the way.

Shashi said...

Its interesting and beautiful... I enjoyed it so much..

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
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Celestial Dreamz said...

Brian, Penny, shashi thank you :)

Kavita said...

Whheeww.. haven't been there myself... But your words were so intense, they just drew me in! And I think I got the "feel" of that 25mg dosage simply by reading this poem...
(on a high already)...

Awesome one, my friend..

Celestial Dreamz said...

^ hehe :P .... thanks Kavita. Actually i experienced it for a very short while and am too strong a person to need medication for tranquility. Just let my imagination flow a little strongly. Hope I do not paint too weird a picture of mine through these peculiar trait of mine! but as long as you guys enjoy reading, who cares, man! :) and btw it isn't a place 'to be there'. the far they are the better. take my wishes.

kenny said...

It's very nice, the way you use words. I had to read this twice...the images are unfettered and colliding, fighting for attention, but the whole is like a thick, rich duvet. Good read.

Celestial Dreamz said...

^ thank you :)