Monday, November 15, 2010

Confusion ...

Everything got peculiarly mixed up last night!

The yellow leaves and the autumn moon;

the fire tongued demon called past and the ambiguity of the future;

they all got fastened, overlapping one another, and I cried!

The forlorn kite and the solitary bird

both of whom are busy trying to balance on their wings;

the yellow sun at the mountain peak and

the orange ball at the tip of a juggler’s finger;

the mask and honest humanity;

the transitory ness of a water bubble and human life;

all were merged together, and I cried!

A pain and a solace,

a blemish and a love bite,

a separation and the darkest night,

her love and my love, betrayal and jealousy, tears and a smile,

my life and her shadow,

everything got jumbled and joined, and I cried!

Last night, perhaps, even I could have written those saddest lines!

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