Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Love ..

Love is not really a baskin-robbins ice cream that it comes in many shades and flavors and would melt away after a while! LOVE happens only once and it stays even if the person doesn't. It's a pity that only few fortunate ones could experience real love......

After you had left

I searched for traces of anger

along the crevice and cranny of my brain,

but to my dismay there was none!

After you had left

I rummaged through the flaps and folders of my psyche

for signs of sorrow and pain,

but to my surprise couldn’t find even one!

After you had left

I explored the bends and boulevards of my soul

for a few remaining tear drops,

but was astonished to see all of them gone!

Why don’t I feel alone and lost, I wonder!

And then I smile at my own naivety,

for why would I feel lonely and cold?

I have already gathered the branches of my memories,

and picked up the leaves of those spent moments;

I ignited them with the remembrance of your touch,

wiping away the dampness of doubts

and drying out the wetness from over my cheek,

I blew the kiss of your lips into it

to set the fire.

Now I keep myself warm with its molten red glow,

now I will never be lonely and cold.

For the strength of love and

the warmth of memories and desire

will keep this fire crackling and burning lifelong!

When you left

You have taken away your presence,

but you forgot to take your soul

which still remains entwined with mine.

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