Friday, November 19, 2010

My neighbor's cat!

My neighbour’s cute, furry little cat

is moody, and prefers a decent polite pat.

You aren’t allowed to ruffle her tresses curled,

she is forever complacent and smug in this big cold world.

Impeccably groomed, gracefully beautiful,

she is a coquette with only a few wrinkles!

She doesn’t sleep anywhere, just any table or any chair,

only a cozy lap will do and that too if she’s invited with care.

Her tricky maneuvers defy the law of gravity,

she would easily boast her majestic charm and her suavity.

She is immune to flattery and mostly prefers to purr and whine;

She yawns at your crooning, strides away bored, with a pride I can’t begin to define.

She never bothers to catch a rat or a mouse and that’s her mystery;

drudgery is not for her, you will have to serve if and when she’s hungry.

Rushing to kitchen, I see her licking her paw in poise, without any ado;

she renders a look that says - Yeah I drank the milk and slurped away the cream too!

Do never make a mistake of being angry for she just doesn't care;

In front of your haughty temper, she will coolly pad away with her dainty tail in the air.


Anonymous said...

This so much a Leo personality!!Linda Goodman should put THIS poem at the beginning of the sun sign description!
:) :) Beautifully written poem!


bhaskar said...

meoowwww....i envy cats you know...only a cat can get away by spilling your porrage on your keypad while you were busy typing a poem about her..and then majestically curling up for an afternoon nap,with an expression of complete aloofness which seem to say " after you are sew this poem into a blanket..theres a chill in the air" !! Ya, you are so right ,she dosent care..but we do..a good write..purrrr:- )

Celestial Dreamz said...

@Suvarna - thank you so much for the read and the appreciation. keep visiting. :)

@ Bhaskar - thanks and a tongue out smiley :P

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I can totally see the cat, her disdain and dainty manners. So well done!

Buddha3074 said...

I love the mystery that is the cat. If one can learn to read the signs properly, a great relationship comes to fruition! Wonderful words and vision!

Jingle said...


Judy Roney said...

This made me laugh. I can sure see your neighbor's cat after reading this.

Celestial Dreamz said...

Sherry Blue Sky, Buddha,jingle, Judy ...thank you all so very much for liking my neighbor's cat .. :D