Monday, June 27, 2011

In search of Buddha ...

posted for Mag 71

posted for poetry potluck
I wish I could fly
like a colorful bird
or like those vibrant angels;
perhaps then I could rise
above the dream and the doubt
and see my Buddha.

In search of Buddha
I walk
among nameless faces,
jostling around crowd
in a religious market,
struggling to recognize
the woman and the man,
believing in beads and trinkets
or sitting cross-legged on a straw mat,
like a wave
lost in an ocean
lashing again and again at the shore
in search of the ocean
imagining itself separate from its own immensity.

Someday, soon I would realize
that my Buddha is here
in the rising Sun,
in the dew of dawn,
in the speck of dust,
and immersed in you
and in me.

I might take a little more time;
but soon my search will end,
and I will fly
like a colorful bird,
like those vibrant angels
in my freedom.


Jingle said...

fly, dream, and smile.
best wishes.
Glad to see you join poetry potluck.

Tess Kincaid said...


Anonymous said...

a fine path to take

good journeying

ayala said...

A beautiful poem and so true for so many of us.

Amiya chatterjee said...

Very easy to understand...
Although no one understands them.
The antidiscourse of the old master
refers us to a teaching without words.

Taoist body

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and inspiring =) I also study Buddhism

Rachit said...

wow! loved the hidden truth:)

Anonymous said...

Dream and smile..and peace bestows!

Rose said...

Very touching piece Celest - We know yet we still doubt (it is not wings we need to fly) (freedom is not the sky)
that we should look within ourself:)

Monkey Man said...

I hope you find what you are seeking.

HyperCRYPTICal said...


Anna :o]

we are the we said...

i was almost brought to tears by the beauty and honesty fo this poem. whether you seek Buddha, God, Yaweh, Allah, or truth, this poem will resonate with many. bravo! encore!

Shaista said...

Me too, in search of the Buddha everywhere... how funny. Buddha must be laughing at us :) Here I am, here I am! Close your eyes, here I am...

Jack Edwards Poetry said...

Great poem, love the simile

'like a wave
lost in an ocean'