Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Untitled ...

I decided to break away
from my promise of ‘forever’
not as I wanted anything new
but because I didn’t want the old.
Since then a ruptured void
 between is and was has descended.

As I departed,
my porous promise hung between us
like a raindrop frozen in mid air,
without changing shape,
without merging with Earth.

I am over you at last,
thrashing out stubborn memories
 into nothingness.
I do not miss you.

sometimes, when I open the east window
and the honey colored morning fills the room
like tea pouring smoothly into a cup,
I catch myself talking to you.

At times, when I cross that familiar bent,
walking in the market,
or watching life from my verandah
I silently chide myself
for thinking of your deer eyes
and unruly hair.

When I dip my feet into the river
and follow quietly the water pattern on it
I hear our old arguments,
and my pledge -
I would die before I forget you

Often in sleep
I murmur
trying to hide a feeling
so personal
 that no one should mull over it,
not even you;
trying to grope for those
insane laughter days,
and then
waking up hastily
to my familiar lonely white walls.

in the languid rustle of the breeze
there are words of lingering lament.

I humbly accept the perfect poet award from Poets Rally

 like lovers,
pour on me
and gives
a few dizzying moments
and a courage to transform the world!

I nominate Eclipseofthemoon 


Anonymous said...

wow. this is glorious! melancholy and liberating at the same time. love it!

Rachit said...

so pure and intense :)

ayala said...

This is beautiful and sad. Sometimes we don't want what we have but we long for what we had and you said it in such a lovely way. I love your words.

Brian Miller said...

i am over you but remnants still sit in the corner to resurface on occassion, old emotions, i dont know if we can ever truly wash our hands

Poets United said...

You do create and weave beautiful dreamz.

bttrflyscar said...

oh I have felt this. so sad.

Jesse.s.mitchell said...

awesome, i really dig this

Tarang Sinha said...

Nicely crafted Poem. Full of love & emotions.

Purvi said...

your writing is simply mesmerizing, I am totally smitten by your work.. lovvvved it.. and am followiing U! Wish I cud subscribe to my mail account :|

I am ~

Alcina said...

Aww..that was painful..and very intricately that you have penned down the delicate emotions..beautiful!


Ina said...

Such a beautiful image here. Lovely.

Paul said...

this is quite beautiful - thank you

thingy said...

Sigh. Bittersweet. Very well written.

Andy said...

Some memories always remain, no matter how hard we try to stifle them.

Sad & melancholic.

Penned nicely.

Rose said...

Ah Celest, Pure magic from the beginning to the end, bit by bit I got sucked right into the emotions of memories gilded by the hands of time...cleverly written excellently executed:)

Jingle said...

keep dreaming.
thrilled to have you in.

Anonymous said...

Now Lingering Lament!
Worse before or Now?
I enjoyed reading

Fred said...

Enjoyed this very much. I agree with so many of the others regarding the sadness and the beauty. Thanks so much for sharing:)

Kavita said...

Good God, girl!! I am speechless!
The more we decide to NOT think of the pink elephant, the more we think just of it!! :( And if the pink elephant happens to be our Love, then need I say anything at all!!

Goshh... your lyrics of lament were simply perfection, Baishali.. I am in awe of your incredible ability to just pull me into your words... *sigh*

Olivia said...

Many smiles touched my face reading your words!
I know this feeling well......

It's both sad and filled with yearning romance.. Much to sit and ponder about myself..

Very beautifully done..
Hugs xox

Blaga said...

Lingering inside the heart of the reader! Emotions capturing the essence of reality we've all faced!

Anonymous said...

I have felt this after the dissolution of both friendships and romances these tortured feelings caught between yearning and knowing its over so there's nothing left to hold onto


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, leaves a slight feeling of longing... I can relate too.

Andy McDonald said...

Mesmerising poem. Sometimes you need a fresh start it's true.

Old Raven said...

And this is such a heart felt lament. Sadness almost hangs in the air. Very nicely penned.

bendedspoon said...

so beautiful when emotions and great write are in full force. huggs :)

Jack Edwards Poetry said...

Beautifully written. loved

'porous promise'

Anonymous said...

Lovely words

Anonymous said...

This work of yours is awesome. The lines "Only sometimes, when I open the east windowand the honey colored morning fills the room......I would die before I forget you" stole my heart. I really dont know what to say. I am not trying to flatter you. But I have felt similar pangs after reading Kamala Das's poems. Hats off to you. You must have published your works already, I believe. If not, it is high time :) All the best!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your award, both of your poems are lovely. Your first one provokes so many emotions, beautifully written, I lost count how many times I've read this.

Leo said...

absolutely beautiful! the intensity of the lines, balanced by wonderful imagery. (the one where you compare the morning to honey color was my favorite)

well said, and was a pleasure to drop in and read it. :)

Celestial Dreamz said...

thank you dear all :)