Thursday, January 6, 2011

An Appeal ..

Onion O onion!
I want to empty my soul 
of all dreams and hide within you.
I approached the Moon to take me away
but he did not bend down for me;
perhaps, he doesn’t know how it is to wake up
crying in the middle of the night!
I can’t go back to the mother’s womb,
so I have come to you O onion;
please hide me,
hide me please o onion!
I wish to escape within your pink petals,
in between your onion groove,
sulking quietly in the center,
away from all eyes.
I want your transparent petals
bury me in their bosom,
guarding me layer by layer,
fold by fold.
Help me flee from the
cruelty of memories
in your crystal secret,
let others weep
If they come to undo you and touch me,
keeping me safe 
in the secrecy of your dark belly.
O onion
You have stood for the poor,
now stand for me,
engulfing me in a silence;
Clasp me so tightly 
that I should never see the sky again,
for then,
 I might make the mistake of hoping again!
please hide me,
hide me please o onion
beyond living, beyond dying!


Sherry Blue Sky said...

This is an unusual plea, and the more intresting because of it. I love the lines about asking the Moon to take you away "but he did not bend down for me". Well written.......

Celestial Dreamz said...

^ Thank you so much Sherry Blue Sky, I feel pleased at your visit and comments. Loved your blog too. :)