Monday, January 31, 2011


The poem is dedicated to my DAIMOKU - CHANTING

Written for Jingle poetry potluck

A ray of white light and a galloping horse
from nowhere,
piercing eternity,
from within,
is searching for my soul,
to touch my inner core,
from inside the cocoon of conceit.
I must stand still and let it find me.

I stand in the complete eclipse,
in inky darkness,
I stay in the frozen cold,
among frost bites,
yet a strength
to bend down and collect
and gather afresh
those fragmented dreams
and bruised hopes
that were lying strewn on the ground,
and stride steadfast
to cover that extra mile
lighted with a new found faith;
a gift
that helps refute death and
see strong promises in disease and decay;
a gift
that renders vision in the cataract eyes and
is perceived in the breathing lung of a new born.
I shall assemble my scattered self
 into my single self.
I am alive.
So I believe.
I believe.
So I am alive.


The Unknowngnome said...

Very strong, like a lion's roar. You've taught me something about your chanting today. Thank you.

I really liked the end of this. It's kind of like "I think, therefore I am" or "x" thinks, I am that "x", therefore I think, therefore I am".

Peace. - TUG

kenny said...

Very strong images!

Anonymous said...

a powerful poem indeed... gives hope:)

Jingle said...


Glad to be able to comment eventually.

Thanks for sharing.


Jessica Japes said...

I like the image of dreams on the ground! This a very serene poem, and very personal it seems to me.

Kavita said...

This was sheer beauty, my dear!!!
Vivid images kept appearing before my eyes as I was reading this poem..
Despite it all, when that one ray of light is seen/felt, we hang on it like never before! After all, the meaning of our existence seems to depend on it at that very instant..

Loved your words, lady!! Awesome!

Kavita said...

I know I wrote a comment here earlier... but since I don't see it, I am gonna say it again anyway :)

When all of hope's evaporated, and a little ray emerges out of nowhere, we hang on it like our life depends on it!! But it does in a way..doesn't it?

Beautifully written, my dear...

Celestial Dreamz said...

@ TUG thanks for being such an encouragement always.
@Kenny thank you so much
@magdalenahermanstories thanks for visiting and comments
@ Jingle thank you so much for all your appreciation. some setting problem earlier stopped comments but better late than never :-) loved to see you here
@J Japes Thanks a lot dear
@Kavita, both your comments were on my dashboard. loved both, so published both. thank you so much dear.

moondustwriter said...

You write very powerful words and the spiritual search is so evident and a wondrous journey

Thank you for your kind comment on my site as well.

LauraX said...

I shall assemble my scattered self
into my single self.
I am alive.
So I believe.
I believe.
So I am alive."

indeed. How beautiful.

Brian Miller said...

nice...really like the reverse of the words in the last couple lines...tight write...

Celestial Dreamz said...

@ moondustwriter, LauraX, Brian, Thank you so much for all your kind words and encouragement.