Monday, February 7, 2011



 Last night
 the boundary between
memories and the inky blue sky
got blurred.
Last night
I met my memories one more time,
when they kept falling and diminishing
as flakes of molten sorrow.
The continuous drumming of the rain
was getting synonymous
with the droning incessant ceaseless
falling of reminiscences.
Thoughts and recollections were
retrieved from the night’s eerie silence
and they, along with the
crimson patches of the past,
on a soil
enriched by the humus of remnants,
stood as a relic, a forlorn house,
an edifice,
filled with the husks of
a few discarded dreams
and thwarted hopes.

Now as I stand ready to plummet out of life
disintegrating, peacefully,
without a backward glance,
sans the hurled abuses and no tears,
would I like to die calmly, I think,
with the house of memories neatly tucked
in the maze of my mind!


Margaret Bednar said...

recollections were
retrieved from the night’s eerie silence

I really like that. Sometimes we don't have enough silence. Thank you for your nice words on my blog.

Celestial Dreamz said...

^ thank you Margaret

Kavita said...

My gosh!! This is so sad, but so so beautiful, my friend!

Memories have a way of haunting us.. especially the bad ones... we can hope to be free from them after we cross over to the other side...

A very beautifully written poem for the lovely picture!!

Celestial Dreamz said...

Thank you Kavita :)