Monday, February 28, 2011

The loyal friend ...

knocked and hit,
battered and bruised;
flipped and flicked,
hassled and hammered;
he is the poet's true companion
since time unknown
and time captured.

Puffy stiff and grey,
dying to call it a day,
yet withstanding the poet’s rage
as he is stuck with a virgin page;
the old, shabby type writer,
still with him as a true cohort
and a fighter.

When the poet was young,
he had let him climb on his shoulder
and allowed him to play, tease
and scribble.
On the poet’s wedding day,
he has produced the greatest love notes
about a joyous cloud and a drizzle.

often, with patience he has watched
the poet's stare and dull despair,
But now, no more with ease
the fatigued keys would yield,
as the words get wan and fractured;
now, both tease each other about their
receding hair line and vision blurred.

Poor old machine,
tried and trusted friend;
time proceeds
the poet, proud with
advancement and technology's ascend;
has no courage to face him,
the type writer waits in an old attic.

so for all the million words that are tapped
a rhyme or two is better rapped
in his memory of past frolic
as in his lap lies the poet's life-lyrics.
The poet should wake up at least once in separation
for he fed his wife and children because his friend was in action.

for - ONE STOP POETRY - picture prompt.


The Unknowngnome said...

A nice fast paced read as if reading it as it was being typed at 120 wpm.

Poor typewriter, at least he has his older friends Pen and Pencil to rap with.

Pranavam Ravikumar a.k.a. Kochuravi said...

Very Good..! I enjoyed your lovely post.

>>On the poet’s wedding day, he has produced the greatest love notesabout a joyous cloud and a drizzle.<<

Nice part which I liked the most. said...

Breathlessly beautiful. The right margin justification is brilliant. I think I know where you got that idea from. Again, breathlessly beautiful.

dustus said...

Quite the poetic journey that recounts the special bond between life experience and Poetry. Agree with Mr. Wheatfall.

Steve Isaak said...

Great flow, great word choices.

Ifinder said...

Well. A great recollection of memories dedicated to a old companion. A symbol of love and affection dwels in. Lucky the TypeWriter to have participated in such a hearty friends life - Lyrics. Lucky to share. Thank You and with Best Wishes.

Celestial Dreamz said...

thank you TUG, pranavam ravikumar,emmettwheatfall,dustus, steve isaac, ifinder - I am indebted to you for your encouragement.