Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The conspicuous garden of modest Mr. Troy

posted for MAGPIE TALE

Behold the sight.
In ample water and light
the garden that belongs to Mr. Troy is just absolutely right;
where the purple thistles and moss green grasses are his cause of pride.

Sitting in the garden he observes the filigree
of the silver bright moonlight through the lilac tree.
Looking at the bird’s nest in lucid daze,
heart filled with gratitude he thinks in haze,
about this mercy of an otherwise cruel fate,
from now on there would surely be nothing Mr. Troy will hate.
Lately, among the colorful mischief and fragrant breeze
he produces joyous poems, and love verse at ease.
Often Mr. Troy roams around his patch, muttering – ‘not bad, not at all bad’,
pompously appreciating how a water drop urges the lily pad!
Whole day pass by in praising the bird and admiring the bee,
drudgery can’t trouble him anymore for his garden is full of mirth and glee.

Then comes that fretful dawn; the day he loses his peace and his paradise.
There comes a flock of neighboring children to ransack and to capsize!
Piles of fruits and beautiful flowers they ferociously pluck and gather,
and Mr. Troy’s prized possession, in a jiffy is massacred.
Since that day he forgets his dream and his nightmare,
night by day he begins watching, always being careful and constantly being aware!
Smile and joy elopes from life,
his beloved garden becomes his only strife.
His eyes red and puffy, twirling moustache, he thinks – ‘I will die soon, I know’,
the persistent depression that does not easily let him go.

Then one day, God, out of mercy, pours some refreshing rain to the ground,
And after many a days Mr. Troy could sleep; and the sleep is sound.
He dreams of taking a knife and butchering the whole garden without any qualm,
and no one anymore would be able to sabotage his calm.
People may think him odd, but he knows how his fear grew too intense to handle,
Now, at peace, in that serene square, recalling his garden he surely lights a candle.


Hairyman said...

Such vivid colorful description! Very beautiful.
And that pic's been floating around quite a bit...
Saw the same here in another blog I follow :)

Trellissimo said...

Not much connection to a blood spattered lemon though, is ther? Could he not have had a lemon tree to tend in his wonderful garden? Then the vandals could have killed that!

Celestial Dreamz said...

@ Hairyman - thank you. I have always written whenever I want to and about whichever I feel like.
But lately started participating in challenges and prompts and trust me it's really fun; almost like attending a creative writing class. Moreover there's an opportunity for rendering different perspectives to a theme. I feel I would be able to learn a lot this way and get matured as a writer. That's why stopped moderating comments as I can only grow if there are constructive feedback.

@ Trellissimo
you couldn't be more correct. but it was intentional as I just didn't want to be too specific and wanted to treat it as a symbol of tree, garden, beauty, luscious fruit, possessions etc.But your suggestion is great and now I feel, it would be more appropriate if I deal with one favorite lemon tree than a whole garden. thank you so much.

Kavita said...

That was really vivid!! Fear can do such a lot of damage to one's mind... Your story-poem describes this all too well!! (sigh).. poor trees..

A wonderful and very creative take on the prompt!

Celestial Dreamz said...

@ Kavita Thank you so much. :) an encouragement indeed.

Celestial Dreamz said...


I know for sure who you are!

and I find this poor attempts of yours to try to demean me even here is pathetic! yet I wouldn't delete or moderate comments. Lets just see how far we go!

I love writing and I would continue to do so.

just hope you would have the courage to come n talk openly rather than from behind your 'anonymous' facade Mr coward.