Thursday, March 3, 2011

The daily ...

Every morning
the news paper
knocks at my door
soaked in blood.
Beneath the poster girl's silky tress
and filmstars' glossy smile
there lie scoops ruthlessly butchered,
frontlines smelling of old dried wound;
ugly red patches hiding in its folds
wherever the skin is being pulled out.
The picturesque tableau of the cityscape
screams with terror and bullets,
the air stifled among the sky scrapers
echoes violence,
muffled voices, suppressed, trying for an outlet,
sometimes out of greed or to avenge
or may be to vindicate certain fanaticism,
peace beating its wings, fear struck, like a caged bird.
Civilisation searches among the lines and prints
groping in darkness
like a homeless wanderer,
with a vain hope of destination.


Jingle said...

powerful highlight...

wars are hard to all, thanks for sharing..

Hairyman said...

This is hot stuff! I love dark poetry and then throws so much light!

Lena said...

Quite a deep read this. I can almost feel the troubles around me.

Anonymous said...

There is so much grief & strife in the world. Hope helps to heal

kenny said...

...Every morning
the news paper
knocks at my door

Fantastic! You ought to link to OneStopPoetry you're really good!

Anonymous said...

simply besutiful! heres my wk 39..

J. D. Hughes said...

"Peace beating its wings, fear struck, like a caged bird"

Powerful imagery that writhes in the dust of failed and imprisoned intentions.....

Very sharp, very wounding, pulls away the woolen blinders and we as readers shreak in the blinding light beyond the concealment of our many precious facades....

I was recently asked a question by a reader, how long does it take you to write a poem of this complexity, and with such a bite?

Celestial Dreamz said...

Jingle, Hairyman, Lena, lunawitch 15,kenny, fiveloaf, J.D. Hughes, Thank you all for your appreciation. It would make me write more.

Brian Miller said...

dang...nice bit of social commentary...i like it...vivid, stark real....

Rose said...

This is a brilliant piece! Peace beating it's wings, fear struck, like a caged bird. You are a really good writer! Well done! I do so enjoy your writing:)

LauraX said...

fiercely passionate and compassionate commentary on the wounds of the world.

Pranavam Ravikumar a.k.a. Kochuravi said...

The same thoughts pains me a lot. Touching..!

Esteban R. Arellano said...

sad commentary
brings to mind
the symbolism
in la paloma negra (the black dove)
which i sometimes delve
in my writings

yin & yang

but the spirit
the spirit
well ...

much to think about

peace & love my sister