Monday, March 7, 2011

Muse ...

I tiptoe around
trying to escape the iron clasps;
I run away
from the clatter and the yells
sucking in my breath;
and life gets caught
in that indrawn gasp;
luxurious house,
starched and correct chauffeurs,
silhouette of anxious careful faces,
fashionable parties, sweet smiles and abuses,
those unfathomable masks,
and when the dying light of the evening
catches the rich chandeliers and
kisses the crystal glass wares,
I run!
Then oneday, a strange light from within
steps over and turns my room into a rainbow
and my heart a vibrant colorful kite,
soaring high into a new sky,
I remember,
my mother, holding my hand and
making me write infront of Goddess Saraswati,
her fingers soothing and rose petals over mine,
her hair smelling of sandlwood
and I know I am going to be the most carefree,
and happiest writer
in this world.

written for jingle poetry.

Note: In Hinduism Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, music and the arts.

Saraswati Puja (worship) is a part of Bengali culture and at almost all educational institutions and every Bengali family organize this Puja. A common ritual performed during this puja is "Hate Khari" (first lesson). At the age of three to four, you are supposed to ritually start writing the first letter of Bengali alphabet (same with Sanskrit and Hindi), on this very day. Usually, a priest would hold the child's hand and make him or her write in front of Goddess Saraswati.


Jingle said...

romantic and divine ending..
what a enchanting piece.

Thanks for the contribution to JP.

You Rock.

marit said...

I like the form - centered in the middle

Buddha3074 said...

That was so beautiful, the image of a grant ball taking over with its magnificence. Then as its overpowers, the comfort of a parents love holds safe.

fiveloaf said...

carefreely stubborn writer? haha! so cute! thank you for sharing this.. my potluck-

Kavita said...

This is THE sweetest ode to your muse, Dr. B... She comes in the most divinest of forms.. and we just KNOW that she's the one!!

"I know I am going to be the most carefree,stubborn,and the happiest writerin this world." -- what better knowledge than that!! :) AWESOME!!!!!

deeps said...

thats a nostalgia worth having…

nice poem..