Monday, March 21, 2011


sobs and wounds
 from beneath the rubbles and soot,
piled up death,
crisped away flesh,
the human ness in us
 so puny, 
so fragile,
now afraid to look up
 into destiny’s mocking eyes; 

I hold sadness in my palm
like a handful of gravels;
fingers paining to crumple and

But then, I know
in this hate and fear
we will re create our Earth.

All of us,
we amputee limbs,
skin cancers,
disfigured ones;
we all gang up
to give birth to another beginning
from the middle.

Let us fill ourselves with courage
and name it survival.

Now we would be able to look up
and confront


Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike) said...

A flow of sadness, affliction to encouragement that ends.. A smooth flow of emotions and beliefs.. :)

The prefect line of all I love best is, ... let us fill ourselves with courage and name it survival...' yes, that is so true..

My first time here and well, decided to follow your blog..

Here is mine for the rally and hope my blog will interest as well, hope to see your follow too.. :)

Jingle said...

divine message,
well done.

Paulami said...

oh i just loved the flow..its basic and yet powerful...

Someone is Special said...

I loved the flow, the message and particularly the way you ended was awesome.. SmileS.. here is my rally post, that's how life is

! Happy Rally !

Someone is Special

Andy said...

Thanks for a great read.

Anonymous said...

wow! stong and powerful images that draw up in the minds eye.
very nice!

thingy said...

Yes, a beautiful message.

bendedspoon said...

So sad but it empowers in the end. Here's to surviving, living, and loving :)

Anonymous said...

It takes courage and a keen sense of understanding to confront our Destiny time and again. Well said, I liked the flow:)

dan roberson said...

A powerful message. Sad but optimistic about the future. Good job.

Anonymous said...

Nice post :)

Ramesh Sood said...

This is a well thoughtout poem..well done..

JL Dodge said...

meaningful and so true..LOVED IT !
Happy Rally!

Anonymous said...

aptly written and beautiful too. :)

Anonymous said...

A fantastic write, deep and each word counts, I thoroughly enjoyed the read

Jingle said...

best wishes fro the day...
visit poets who were here on which you did not initially hit..

have fun.

Anonymous said...

very bold- i like the way you think of this as a sojourn to a better life.. here's mine..

Hairyman said...

Very beautiful, well timed and depths of empathy shown.

Anonymous said...

And I'm sure that Earth will be created again. Nice, it starts with pathos and ends in optimism.

Vinay said...

a hopeful ending, and its needed. the hope is what can make us alive again even after Nature tries to end it. lovely thoughts!

Here's My Poem For Poets Rally

Anonymous said...

There is real depth in your words. I really enjoyed it.


Brian Miller said...

wow...sadnes with hope...that we will band together and birth the next...great write...

Celestial Dreamz said...

Thanks to everyone for your encouragement.

anjum artwriter said...

great blend of emotions and language