Monday, March 21, 2011

Stone man!

for one stop poetry - Sunday picture prompt

 Oh this man in stone, so much I love,
a lot more than any other fleshly one;
he sure has countenance so mellifluous,
only his jacket might seem a little old in fashion.

He is a man of valor, so metallic and sturdy,
for years, a demeanor so steadfast and calm;
yes, his smile indeed is a little dead; but he allows
even the birds to peck on his patience without qualm.

His rock solid eyes may appear blank for a while;
he still may seem a bit cold, gritty and sterner,
but ask any woman, he is so much better, as,
on the contrary, he never argues or back answer! 


Brian Miller said...

ha. if only the rest of us men could jsut learn to keep our maouthes closed...

James Rainsford said...

This really made me smile. Thanks for sharing. James.

dustus said...

Oh snap! Talk about reversing the stereotype of a gender who says too much. Cool challenge response. smiles

Jerry said...

oh oh that hurts. good one.

Greyscale Territory said...

The man in stone certainly weathers all challenges! A fun poem!

The Unknowngnome said...

Good one! ha! Very funny close. :P

There is much I like about this, first that you would love a man with a stone heart more than a fleshly one. Second that his smile indeed is a little dead, his eyes are blank and he may seem a bit cold, but mostly: "he allows even the birds to peck on his patience without qualm".

Well done Celest.

Rose said...

Delightful!! Oh to find a man with such patience and such silence but since he is made of stone we won't be able to mould him into the perfect specimen now will we...sigh:)
Great poem Celest.

Andy said...

Thanks for the creative poem. said...

You see beyond the stone and describe the man in pose. I love that. You look beyond the surface. I hope you have or will see the true love of your life when it appears. I really love this poem.

Anonymous said...

A man who doesn't answer back? But I bet he's no fun to cuddle with either.