Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pattern ...

The moments of past is embedded

in moments of future

and future is rooted in past.

The same recurrence of striving to paint

a deep blue ocean or a moss green forest

with perfect hue

yet each time you coat a collage of mismatch;

repetition of trying to draw a circle

but the lines keep running parallel.

movements among the maze of life

over and over again,

caught inside the labyrinth of struggles and triumph,

sometimes out of hatred, being forced,

then perhaps for love, on own accord,

trying to make way

in search of a destination;

following an invitation of the transcendent

yet caught into the muddle of the ludicrous,

trying to hide secrets and guilt that tend to

scuttle out like filthy cockroaches,

chasing silhouette of happiness, groping darkness,

across the zigzag bend,

again one more day with its monotony

like a nagging monsoon drizzle,

again one more night to gather old gashes ...

and the pattern continues …


Claudia said...

really like how you start this..
The moments of past is embedded
in moments of future
and future is rooted in past...strong

Rose said...

This is indeed a brilliant poem wonderful flow - of seemingly random thoughts yet each is linked like the links of a chain. Beautiful write!

Brian Miller said...

and the world keeps spinning and i keep getting dizzier...

The Unknowngnome said...

There's much thought here between the deep blue and the deep green.

Patterns, striving repetition, movements over and over in search, following, trying, chasing, groping, only to gather old gashes?

"to gather old gashes" - Wonderful.

Hairyman said...

Wow the first line itself was so trippy.
Everything in life itself is knit together if you take a closer look...

Shashi said...

I enjoyed the beginning and then in the end, I could see it all coming together... thanks for sharing...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
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Celestial Dreamz said...

^ Thank you all for reading and appreciating. an encouragement indeed.