Sunday, January 30, 2011


written for ONE STOP POETRY

Time is a solitary wanderer;

he moves ahead

for days and for many seasons,

carrying some grain and

a few leaves, kindling and twigs,

a few heaped up years,

along with a mound of soil,

and some wood for the pyre,

leaving behind only a few footprints.

All that was left was just a few footprints!

Earlier I could hear his subtle footfalls

that vibrated along with

a saga of weeps and whimpers,

a solo tear drop,

also a chronicle of smile and sanctity,

and a vivacious laughter.

I have seen Time come

and I have seen Time go;

he walks alone

with his own loneliness

and the remnants are

the lashing of memories,

and beatings of the bygone,

and just a trail of footprints.

For me and

for all of you,

once again Time has gone by.

Yet again change has won the battle

over permanence.


Jerry said...

I tought of my dad who passed away ten years ago. I rarely think of him and the footprints he left. Change does win over permanance as time goes on.

dustus said...

Some very tactile descriptions in your poem that work very well. Nice challenge response to take it from the angle of time.

Claudia said...

change has won the battle over permanence...and always will..which is good i think. i like the pic you paint with time as a solitary wanderer

Brian Miller said...

that thrid stanza does it for me...time walks alone and is lonely...also the small bits of taking and leaving...even carrying...ncie write...

Reflections said...

Powerful words, deep thoughts... interesting perspective.

Celestial Dreamz said...

^Dear all, thank you so much for reading and appreciating. An encouragement indeed.