Saturday, January 15, 2011

Loss of Innocence

Your poems aren’t simple anymore; I don’t enjoy them”
 says he,
I smiled but couldn’t tell him
that the day he had gone,
 he left
 a few smiles
some laughter
a couple of reminiscences
and a tale of innocence
on my courtyard.
Since then I have 
 fumbled around
collecting them,
 gathering them,
bit by bit
speck by speck
to place them in my poems.
In this effort of mine, and
in my struggle to measure the rainfall
that blurs my window,
I kept on disentangling
the trapped lines,
the cluttered limbs of my poem,
to capture his face that quivers in memory,
for just one more time;
I grew weary,
I faltered
in my vain strive to hold onto him,
to untangle and smoothen the lines
that lay jumbled and knotted with his thoughts.
What I didn’t realize is that
life has moved on ever since, and
a pity
I ended up writing words and rhetoric,
so devoid of life,
showcasing unnecessarily
my linguistic expertise;
but to my dismay they remained
one step short from
being a poem
as he had taken away the simplicity
the day he left.


One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers and Artists said...

i dont normally like poems about writing poetry...dont know why but i make an exception here...i really enjoyed this...there was more to it re the passing of a relationship etc...great share..thanks pete

~Sarah~ said...

"I grew weary,
I faltered
in my vain strive to hold onto him,"

I really like these lines. They hit me.

Celestial Dreamz said...

@ one stop, thanks a lot for making exception. am so glad. :-)

@ Sarah, thank you. loved your blog too. Keep dropping in more. :-)

Poets United said...

This was an enjoyable read, as it says as much about the relationship as it does about writing poetry. Well done.

Celestial Dreamz said...

Poets United, :) accept my gratitude.