Sunday, June 27, 2010

for you my love ....

That night has come again
tiptoeing in the silence
without consent,
a morbid barren storm
ransacking existence
invading your soul
in a nameless cruelty.
But among disappointments
I stand firm beside you
a companion like a bunyan tree
full of promises
to take you in my arms
keeping you safe from
fret and futile of the earth.

I hear the voice of your eyes
harassed and hassled
among countless known
and unknown faces,
your dreams crowded
with ice cold blames
of identified errors and
faceless mistakes of the past
climbing down the memory lane,
suffocating the future
in an anonymous panic
and among collapses
I stand firm beside you
a mother with her reassurance
nourishing you with nectar
to protect you for ever
from worries and wantons of the earth.

I feel the bitterness
of your existence
on your tongue struggling to escape,
your essence besieged and plagued
in a tiring effort of
justifying and convincing,
now the stars in this night
appear as ugly scars in the sky
your fatigued mind searches vainly for
same sensuous softness of the moonbeam
yet among failures
I stand firm beside you
a wife with all her faith
to hold your hand
till death does us apart.

That night has come again
With its uncanny fear
And an unknown trepidation,
but you are not alone anymore
for I stand firm beside you
with all my love
to make you feel the lost rainfall
to bring back the glitter in you
as we will together get drenched
in a wild whispering zephyr.

Lean on me, my love
droplet by droplet merge within me
see the changes of seasons in my eyes
believe the glimmer of hope in my smile
I will destroy all odds
devastate all difficulties
annihilate all sorrows
I will turn the holes on a dark sky
into glistening promising stars
I will add the halves and make
a full flushing moon,
with you, I will
create a nexus of love and warmth
which together we will name as LIFE!



Nice poetry.. and Its Intresting Lines Baishali !

Celestial Dreamz said...

Mr Srinivasa Rao .. thank you :)