Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Once upon a time ....

There is this little girl who sits at a river bank and keeps looking at the vast azure sky. A familiar stubborn tilt on her chin is captivating. Amazed she finds out one day, the sky with a bleeding pink hue, staring down at her with a pair of caring eyes that sparkles in loving amusement! With wide eyed wonder she falls in love with the rose-sky. The orange–indigo tinge of the sky brightens up her ocean deep eyes and flower petal lips. Now she comes and sits there everyday, many a times! And the sky never forgets to flush her face with the same red pink blush.
She has always been afraid of silence that rises from furniture in an empty room. So she tries to grasp the sky with all her being. And then she realizes that she is afraid of one more thing too and that is – love. She is afraid of its frailty as she holds it in her heart. She understands that everyone is ready to do anything to keep it from breaking. But then it breaks anyways!

Soon she begins to wonder if her rose - sky would drift away! But that stubborn tilt of her chin doesn’t let her say her doubts and worries to her sky. She only knows that the day he is gone she wouldn’t be able to love the stars or the sun or the moon anymore! Without him even the breeze and the birds and the rainfall would appear distant. If only she could whisper all these into his ear. May be, then her rose-sky would have taken her into his vast arms. But to save herself from this pain of loss, one day, she stops coming to the bank. She goes away, never to come back, to cry alone. But she forgets to ask the sky if he weeps for her too! If he becomes lonely without her too!

In her haste to save herself from pain she  mishandles loss; the loss of her childhood that has already occurred and the loss of love that has begun to occur. Yet she stays stanch.

Now I see her in a garden watering her mysterious plant and wondering about a sparkling blue silver sky with pin prick red tint, the same color as that of her empty computer screen!

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