Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I love to talk - 5

Keeping sanity at social networking sites ......

I feel, these social networking sites are the culprit of several social hazards and functional for diverse psychological and emotional trauma among human beings. I myself was a victim for a very brief period and thanks to a close friend of mine that I could see the darker side of the so called innocent social friendship sites.

Initially, I wasn’t so careful and to my dismay was a bit stupid too, to catch the smart ways of people who use it expertly. And when I actually got a firm hold over it, I was traumatized to discover that my profile has already minted several new “friends”, kind of people I won’t even look at, leave alone talking to them had I met them in real life. I am sorry if this sounds rude but this is the truth and I am not demeaning anyone in terms of social status etc but simply referring to the difference between us in terms of mental and intellectual wave length. Of course, I have only myself to blame for all the mishaps that followed. To my utter horror, I realized that I started letting my guard off as talking to unknown faces was kind ‘a fun and started expressing my hidden weaknesses or unhappiness and ended up portraying a profile of a lonely, sad, bored married lady! And then it started producing a fountain of scraps and messages from dicey duplicate profiles, frustrated people, lonely men, men who are there just for some kind of an extra kick, leaving me completely disgusted.

Though I can not deny knowing a very few talented, original, good people there yet I am so very mighty glad that I have resisted the temptation to lose my mind on stupid unnecessary virtual stuff and steered clear of something which in no time has become a global social disease that takes almost everyone in its loop.

Now, I find it funny when people go gaga and croon over having found some long lost friends from their younger days! I wonder about the futility of the whole exercise, for if at all they meant anything for us, we wouldn’t have lost contact in the first place.

If we are lonely or bored or unhappy at certain bent of life, we should realize that we can not seek for the solution or our happiness in others, leave alone in a bunch of strangers or long lost faces that we meet on networking sites. Our happiness is in our hands, hidden within the layers of our own mind / psyche. So let us keep these sites at an arm’s length where they deserve to be. It is the real world where we would have to fight out our own battles and survive. A phrase that I once read rings true now – our destiny is created in those moments when we had made our choices!