Friday, June 4, 2010

To LIFE ...

Let me be a human being, I am just too tired being a woman!
All my life I have heard so many times from everyone around that I should be careful, timid, well behaved, decently dressed and docile in my behavior only because I am a woman! I was stopped time and again to play, jump, loiter and dance around to my heart’s content because I am a woman. I have been an attractive looking woman all my life but beyond a normal human satisfaction I have never given any importance to looks and rather always tried to be a good human being thanks to my mom’s values instilled firm in an early age. Yet time and again I have been made conscious of my looks in a way as if it is a crime! Even today when I am in my late 30s and a proud mother of a 12 year old boy, I am told frequently to curb my smile, stop my giggle and not to flutter my eyes too often!! And I wonder why can’t I live like a human being and not just as a woman!??

the following lines are dedicated to Maya Angelou's Phenomenal woman and to every woman whom I have known and not known in life.

I am a woman
I fall yet I rise like a phoenix.
Does my femininity anger you?
For you can never unfold me or
empower my core?
The sparkle in my eyes
and the swing in my walk
keep you enchanted
yet your futile efforts to own my soul
leave you aggravated!
I remain unmoved by all your opinions and
stay unchanging to my journey and my destination.
You fail miserably when you strive to conquer my being
but for love I smilingly bestow
and to you I cling.

I have often easily swallowed my anger
and hid my tears to forgive you.
I have matched your step and embraced you
I have flown high and rose above to kiss you
I have bend down in modest humility to accept you.
When you try to unclothe me
you find out in tiresome amazement,
the unending layers of depth
of my thoughts and my feelings
only to uncover layer upon layer
peeling off to reveal yet another layer
of my giggling and my sobbing.
It ain’t my fault
if you could never defeat me
It ain’t my fault
if you could never own me
For I am a woman
I have fallen yet rose from my own debris
And stood lofty and beyond in every crisis!


manas said...

good work bahut badiya bhalo

Celestial Dreamz said...

haha woman power you see Manas :)