Sunday, June 6, 2010

Meaningful Meditations ....

I often wonder about the silence;
Just as I have wondered
where do my dreams go after they die?
Yet this silence is more real now.
Like a tombstone or epitaph or ashes
kept in a holy copper pot.
I can touch this silence now,
I can hear its whispers around.
It even screams and echoes
within me at times, nurturing my core.
Now I hold my silence with reverence,
in my palm and feel its clarity and connection.
It is not anymore like a pretense
of a virtual space where one struggles
to converse and connect
with a curtain in between,
where emotions are just mere brackets,
colons and hash, hyphens!
Now silence is authentic and true.
It trickles down my skin like warm honey
It sparkles within my fingers
like a passionate glow worm
and envelopes my windows
with a naive fairy tale.
It isn’t anymore a silhouette of
a forced rhyme and a thwarted hope!
now an unborn peace,
a beginning of a never-ending!