Monday, June 7, 2010

YOU and I ....

I bring a cry from the hills
and you bring a rainfall from the cloud
I rise like timid smoke after a bonfire
You rise like dragon smoke red and sapphire
I drift as a sand storm spiraling in motion
You drift as a wild tornado speeding and a beacon
Uranus rules me and I rebel
with Mars you energise and propel
I move in ellipses and circles
and you move on a straight line and settle.

But we meet.
I tow a gash
You shove a slash
Yet we meet.
Days and nights begin to merge
in a multihued karaoke medley.
We rummage each other
for new meanings savoring
every unread line and page hungry.
I dissolve like warm wax
You melt like an unspoken verse.

Then we begin to grow
outside our bodies.
We walk and the world laps up our skin
like the split slithering tongue of an iguana.
We persist.
And strangely you and I find
 all golden chrysanthemums within.
I am whatever the Moon has meant to you
You are whatever the Sun has sang to me!
Love gives us wings and we become life.
You and I
dissolve away, thoughts fraying,
coalescing and forming again
into something even bigger than nothing!


manas said...

good one
cry from hills
tow a gash
shove a slash
timid smoke
i liked these expressions
luv you

Celestial Dreamz said...

thank you for the read Manas ...

moondustwriter said...

It is beautiful and an acceptance of love. you are whatever...
They form into one not forged but pliable

thanks so for sharing with One Stop

Ruth said...

So sensually you convey the way lovers complete each other, become one, and create something utterly new. Beautiful.

karlaspoetry said...

Beautiful. The imagery is very well-crafted.

Claudia said...

wow - this was fresh, surprising, sensual and starlit...beautiful

jen revved said...

numerous intense, original lines in this poem-- you need to write "sung" instead of sang in that one line...great job. xxJenne'

Celestial Dreamz said...

thank you moondustwriter, Ruth, karlaspoetry, Claudia, Jen.

The Unknowngnome said...

I don't recall ever reading this one. It is you though. Lucky be the I.

Happy Valentine's day my dear Doctor.