Friday, July 30, 2010

celestial attitude!

The following is no poetry but an ego trip on an attitude carriage. Meri Marzi ... have I asked anyone to read this? :P

I am Moon; I am a being high and mighty
I bear blemishes yet
people pledge on my beauty

I change, I transform, I die

Yet I rise and this world I defy
I remain a lover’s dream
And a poet’s sigh

A child’s fantasy and
A mystic’s cry.

You can feel on you my soothing beam
You can touch my softness in your dream
You can have me beside you when you are lonely
But your fascination of me gonna be your lover’s envy.
I can hypnotize and tranquilize you on a full moon night
I can make you long for me and heave a sorrowful sigh

But you can never reach me, I am unattainable
Just think of me from a-far and be tranquil.

I am nameless
I am just an essence.  

I am in the absence around you
I am the echoing silence that torments you
I am the heart of an angel's innocence
I am the soul of an artist's persistence

I am the rhythm of a dancer’s swirl

I am the melody of a singer’s choir
I sail along the traveling waves in frenzy
I fly with the passionate breeze being crazy

Every night I sleep to dream a dream

And wake up to another day of being supreme!

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