Friday, July 30, 2010

distance ...

Without me the sky is lonely.

I loved him
I nurtured him
with my glow.
I embraced him into my soul,
and clasped him onto my chest.
I kissed his eyebrow
woke him at dawn,
I sang him a lullaby and

put him to sleep, easing his frown.

I pampered his every whim

with indulgence,

and held his tears in my palm
with reverence.

I wore his laughter on my psyche,
caressing his scowl with my warmth.
I draped his smile over me heart,
cuddling his anger
in the cocoon of my arms.
This moment of separation
is like a string of music snapping,
cutting us with its silken thread,
making us bleed.

Without me, my sky
is a still, placid lake,

with no ripple nor reflection.

Without me my sky is alone.

He weeps.
Without me my sky is lost.

He cries.

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