Sunday, July 25, 2010

Relationships ...

in the night

you kindle a sun ray

with blazing bright hue
and by morning
there will be insipid
, grey ashes
strewn and scattered
all around.

At times, you will
a patchwork cloth
hemming pieces
myriad and intense.

You will Join lose ends,
smoothing rough edges
wrapping weft, tying broken threads.

Yet forlornly the knot and the loop
would keep jutting out.

Every so often, you wonder,
whom do you call your soul mate?
Someone who is
holding your hand

sharing your joy and sorrow
or the one who keeps drizzling
in your memory incessantly,
with a humming sound
like a continuous falling rain?

Now and then, you will continue
because it is an easy pattern,

a habit, to keep trying
to draw lines and
urging them to meet

either in a circle or in a square;

yet they will keep running
with certain moments
that would be stuck
in your throat like a fish bone
or would be a thorn wedged
below your finger nail
smooth from outside but
hurting each time

brushed against.

Occasionally, you will
nourish and nurture
a green plant
in your garden.
One fine morning
you decide to cut it;
for it will not bear flowers or fruits,
it will not grow into a tree.
Yet you get surprised
while cutting,
for its roots have spread
all over and all around!

At times, it will be like
favorite painting
on your wall

ever bright and ever prominent.
So much so that after a while
when you
would wish to remove it,
a square-like impression
on the wall
will remain
like an
unchanging nimbus.

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