Thursday, July 29, 2010

Seeking Sleep ....

I lie awake
counting the silence

that keeps dripping
in bits and pieces,
caressing the crumpled
creases of the covering,
waiting ...
longing ...

for sleep.
I touch the hours
with my finger tips

as they pass by,

following the patterns

of some moist memory

that falls like a monotonous
monsoon rain.
I lie awake
searching for sleep.
I seek sleep

for him to embrace my soul,

I beg the velvet darkness
to take me in his lap,

I plead the night stars

to enshrine my eyes
intoxicate or haze my sight.

As the dusk reconciles
like a gloom
over a forlorn cityscape
and grief settles on my soul,
I begin to rummage
for sleep
all over again,
like every other night.

And then the silence
into my ears,

saying the search is in vain.

It is pointless to wait

as I would have to walk alone.
There would only be
a few footprints

of nostalgia to accompany.

If only I had those arms to rest in ….
If only I had that chest to lean on!

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