Thursday, July 22, 2010

Paint me in color ...

Painter, would you paint me
in all my natural hue?
Would you paint me as I am,
with my imperfections and blemishes true?
Load your brush with colors sundry
and make that first pure sweep

across the virgin canvas, hungry.
Paint me as I stand
with my love and my desire,
blurring the edges
with my regrets and my mental gyre,
in a youthful innocent deep forest green
streaked with a brittle brown of time passing.
Paint me in sinister turquoise,
in lavender and maroon,
combine the amethyst and amber

blend the iceberg and the indigo
Paint me as I stand
a woman in her plight

paint me as I stand
a woman in all her might.

Paint me in the optimistic silver of dawn,

but don’t miss the purple

to shade the bruise of the bygone.

paint me in sky blue
O Painter! but add a dash of yellow too.

Paint me in a new template
merging all the colors of your palette.
Smudge black white and grey
Make me a rainbow in a rainy day.
Paint me tall
so that I stand loftier than a mountain
paint me as a little bird with soft feathers silken.
Paint me as a violin so that I can sing your solitary tune
paint me as a poem with song and melody in a cocoon.
paint me as a dream that rises with a steady upbeat flight
tint me as a fluttering of a beautiful butterfly.
Portray me as courage and endurance
in color so bold and bright
do not hesitate to depict my mind
in profound fuchsia and white.
When you would paint my loss and my sorrow

use the color that you would borrow
for your palette may seem empty

in search of a shade so bloody.

When you will adorn my heart and my love

remember to use the color
of the cloud and the rain above
yet you may use any shade of your fancy
but do not forget to have the crack within
in a tinge of xanthene.
My passion and my spirit

will have a crimson red hint
my remorse and my regret
will reflect an ink blue print.

paint me as I am O painter!
Paint me as I.

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