Wednesday, July 21, 2010

understanding ..

If love is your life then 'understanding' is the oxygen to live your life .......

The day yawns and stretches impatiently
in its await to connect with the night.
Her hidden passion and anxious trepidation
pulsating bright through the sun rays,
dancing from side to side
among the green leaves.

Soon she would be losing herself drop by drop

in her much coveted union.
Will she lose her identity?
Will she mislay her own shadow?

Is it her collapse
or meeting an end?
Then the steel dome of the night sky

turns leisurely to embrace her
to make her his own,
rocking her in a velvet darkness.
She perceives fruition,

a new beginning, a never-ending.
And in this passionate twilight
a moment was born torn from time;
a moment of understanding

beyond words, beyond faces,

greater than love.

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