Sunday, July 18, 2010

shades of love ...

When I think of you
my words begin to travel the
warm alley and
the embryo of thoughts are formed;

my poetry begins to grow
in the womb and becomes life.
nouns, verbs, metaphors and
alliterations start kicking against the wall,
the weight increases and
my verse for you take birth.

My humorous haiku, passionate pastoral,
my sensuous sonnet, beautiful ballad
and my obedient ode

mingle and merge
with your cry and your laughter.

Will I be able to shield you, my love
from the putrid scent and rancid sweat of humanity?
Behind that deep love in your searching eyes
and that crack of a glittering smile,
I have witnessed the emptiness,
the vast void and the chill;
a lonely being struggling to sketch
a perfect circle he fancies.
An agonizing strange pain wells up from my naval,
an uncanny urge to nurture and guide you
not to buckle and bend,
to kick and thrive
and to stay.
Come my love, I will take you to a fresh rain
and an innocent drizzle once more,
washing away the silhouettes of your past
keeping you away from mankind’s dreg and drudgery.
You have been caught and baffled in an
unnamed cough, a paranoid, a palsy,
an anonymous wheezing
and a vague panting.
Let me now open the window of innocence for you
and let a fresh fragrant dawn in
with all its mellifluous morning glory and dew.
Let me keep you foetus-coiled
and secured in my heart just one more time,
wrapped in the warmth of amniotic fluid of my soul,
tied to my essence with an invisible umbilical cord,
feeling your pulsating vein
as the light heartbeat against my womb.
Earlier I let you be
in this world
to survive and stand
on top of mountains, to surmount the seas,
search the plains and climb the trees.
But now, again at the end of the dusk
when you are tired and seeking love
I would take you within
the warmth of my being
and protect you
from the top of your head
to the tip of your toe, with love and feeling.

Come love .. there are many miles to cross now
many sunsets to observe.
I will be your vast sky
and you be a bird and fly above and high,
for you, I would be a serene river
where you can float your hopes and dreams.
Life is too filled and
we will wish upon the falling star tonight
to sing life fully
in its symphony, in its theme.

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