Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mesmerising ...

Dance with me O Life!
Hop, tango, ballet, jazz
and salsa with me.

Embrace me
with your
gentle gossamer twine,
connecting me,
let us begin our myriad dances
in your sweet symphony,
some to lull, some to lure.
Life! you carve
a deep
whirling pattern
of feelings
and enchantment,

orchestrating me with your essence,
making me swirl in passion
with every beat
of your struggles and premonitions,
lifting me high
in your spectrum
of challenges.
Pulling me towards you

in a tight grip of jive,
inspiring me in a stance

beyond parochial existence
I strive.
Rock me and roll me
out of all that is inane
gain me in a perfect pirouette,
in a hula and a hustle
or a shimmy and a shuffle,

twirl and twist me
at your every clasp and cuddle.

Waltz me across the rattle and hoot,
hold me as I volta beyond
the shabby and the soot.
Let's slow dance when the morning yawns,
and a cha cha when innocence dawns,
a true blue in a hypnotizing twilight
and a mambo and fox trot
when it rains or the day is bright!
Drape me on your eyelashes like a dream,
keep me on your lips like whispers
as a mountain stream
Dance with me O life
do not be coy!
Let me tap and turn
and shake and swirl

mingling in a horizon of joy.
Let us unite in a popping
and share our sorrows,
with you I will rumba
and give you my joy of tomorrow.

Turning around and around
Feeling dizzy yet keeping pace
I let go;
rotating and spinning,
smiling and grinning

losing myself to your music
from ethnic to techno!
The fear breaks off
I start floating away.
Swishing my hips and
coiling my waist
I give in to the powerful sway.
I dance towards your nexus,
raising my hands to the sky
I merge in you,
losing myself in your vibrant echo,
You kiss me like a soft satin silk
urging me more and forever

towards an even stronger
upbeat crescendo.

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