Saturday, April 2, 2011

Betrayal ...

No one has kept promises!
So many decades and
seasons went by;
no one has kept words.

My mother
hurrying between
kitchen and study table
promised, if I study well
she would take me to a lake
where lotus flower, butterflies, honey bee
play together. I listened to her.
But the lake was in her imagination.

An old man, a bard, who
would come to our Calcutta house
for alms, said to my eager innocent eyes,
next new moon day
he would sing me the full song.
So many new moon have gone by,
he never came back
he died.

The librarian who smelled like
old books and tea
agreed, when I grow up
he would take me to a city of books and stories
where fairies and gnomes would be my friends!
How much more would I have to grow up?

Elder sister whispered into my ears,
as we watched the falling rain, together,
someday she would gift me
a palm full of rain drops
that will have a rainbow hue.
she got busy and never had the time,
the rain drops remained black and white.

Last year, you promised
You will take me to a path where
Gulmohar trees and red flowers murmur;
and sitting beside the placid lake,
if I smell your chest
I can inhale jasmine fragrance.
But your chest smelled of only flesh and blood.

No one has kept promises!
Decades and seasons went by
No one has kept words.

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Andy said...

This is so sad. Betrayal of promises, not just of body. Well written.

The Unknowngnome said...

'Tis sad.

Umamaheswari.A said...

Huh..lots of anger in your poem, well put.Cheer up :)!

Btw,thanks for your lovely comment!

Brian Miller said...

hard lessons in life...promises are only as good as the people that make them...

Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike) said...

A deep kind of questioning why beneath in this poem of yours... At times, I would feel the same way as how your poem flows too.. *Sigh*, but it seemed, this is life..

Mia said...

the promises we keep for our selves are the most important i think. :)

bendedspoon said...

People will have a hard time fulfilling their promises if it's their wishes as well... Wishing you promises fulfilled that can make you smile so big :)

lynnaima said...

Me or my!!! that was sad and touching, enjoy the rally!

Tarang said...

It's sad but nice piece of writing.

jessicasjapes said...

Here from Poetry Potluck.
I like the story you tell here, especially the librarian stanza.
A good read!

Jingle said...

very well delivered family heartaches,

stay strong, move on and make a difference.


liv2write2day said...

This gave me the poignant.

fiveloaf said...

life is like that.. some do and some forgot! my potluck..

Rose said...

Gosh, I'm playing catch up and I see you have really been busy Celest! Well done. this piece impresses upon me the wealth of people you had in your life and each one gave you something to remember them by even though it was only the empty promises you remember as a child. You have been blessed with a 'wicked' imagination girl!