Saturday, April 30, 2011

from a mother's desk ...

read something similar from the net and drafted this tongue -in-cheek one for my son ....

I will be a naughty old lady a naughty old lady would be I
and that would be my settlement just incase you are wondering, why!
Someday when I would be very old, fragile and petite
I would come to stay with you to my heart’s utter delight.
At the breakfast table spilling milk would be my daily ritual
I would retch on the bread while you will feebly watch as otherwise it is cruel.
I would break a plate or a saucer just when you are too busy on a phone call
I will open my socks in such a way, you would wonder where it might fly and fall!
Pointing at several brilliant pills for my heart, for brain and another for the wheeze
I will ask numerous odd questions like how each one decides exactly where to reach!
I will paint your walls with color myriad whenever I am bored
to your shocked look I would cultivate all the innocent smiles that I have so far stored.
If you ever be angry and dare to scream or shout
I would leave the washroom tap open and sulk and would go out.
Whole day I would be glued to the T.V. without caring if you wish to watch
just for fun I would make faces and drolly squint in front of your guest topnotch.
Coming home you will find cans and half eaten packs scattered everywhere, ample
even then looking at my sleeping face you better smile and say she is such an angel!
Often I would be moody, lips pouting, hands on hips,
stare disobediently with screwed up nose and sniping lips.
I will be a naughty old lady a naughty old lady would be I
and that would be my pay-back just incase you are wondering, why!


Rose said...

Ha,Ha, Celest I can just imagine you getting up to all this mischief!! Well done - I might borrow these ideas myself for the future heheh

The Unknowngnome said...


Claudia said...

he he - my son turns 19 today...think i have to read this to him to shock him a write - made me smile...

ayala said...

Ha, ha this is too good except now he is on you

Brian Miller said...

haha...said only as a mother could...old age is our turn to get back for all the naughtiness for sure...smiles.

Olivia said...

You are so welcome to my home.. :)
I would be much of an oldie myself!

I promise it would be fun coz I am the biggest control n cleanliness freak.. lolsss

This was very clever n fun!!

Hugs xox