Saturday, April 9, 2011

lover's tibute

posting for MAGPIE TALE 61

The red tell tale smudge of her lips
is still vivid, on her night escapade,
reciting a story.

When she is long gone
I stealthily, treading softly,
take the glass in my trembling palm
kissing those lipstick marks furtively.

My heart is numb
and I lie helpless
in intoxication
tasting you
the kiss.

my death in her hands
or is it my reality
my nectar for life?
Her coquettish beam
launches fire in a lover’s heart.

But still
falsity on her and
those slouching pledges,
the wreck and debris
of forged assure;
a void and
an uncanny emptiness
and then
among the mourning
I see her dead;
sulking and pouting
navigating tragedies
she becomes pale
and then on that fateful day
I see her dead.

in my far away lonely corner
I remember
alluring lotus, magic casement
In which lies
my strength and my joy
and now I am in love with death
in my pensive mood
my tribute,
and my heart
is intoxicated again.


Hairyman said...

The impact by that last verse!!!! Omg!!! Loved it!

The Unknowngnome said...

My heart is numb...
I am in love with death...
and my heart is intoxicated again.

I like. :)

Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike) said...

Helplessly in a state of helpless... what a great take from the pic of glass... expanding to one's inner thoughts.. *thumbs up*

sonny said...

i loved the first paragraph...but somehow got muddled towards the end....
grins...i do figure things out...dheere dheere...sometimes backwards...forgive me...

so glad u stopped by baishali...and i jus saw u r from good ole hyderabad..i have a home there sonny..*offers hand and a grin..

Celestial Dreamz said...

Thanks to all ...

TUG you are kind to me :)

sonny getting muddled up isn't your fault exactly ... the poem didn't end up being what i wanted it to be. it was a picture prompt by magpie tale of whom I love to be a part. But kinda cheated over here as the past few days were hectic mad. so kinda combined it with an old poem 'luscious lips' and the end result was hazardous ... so sorry :-( but posted it anyways ...well I don't have to be perfect or good always, what say? :P ... actually poetry or any other creativity just can not be forced ... it has to flow freely.
accept n offer a hand n a smile too.

Trellissimo said...

Not much happiness at the bottom of this wine bottle, then?! :)

Steve Isaak said...

Excellent work.