Monday, April 19, 2010


You would say “looks are immaterial;
It's just the head and the heart,
what is in a face after all?”

Then why do you keep staring

at the never-dying radiance on my cheeks

and recognize the essence of divinity,

and believe it’s a touch of the mystique?

The pride in the arch of my eyebrows

and the halo and the tilt of my head;

your earnest gaze,

there’s your need to possess!

You look into my eyes,

the twinkling and sparkling

and it ain’t my fault

if you get immersed and sinking!

Pouting, pursing, promising curve of my lips,

and those familiar secret longing in your

pulsating heartbeats.

The luster of my hair, the sheen on my skin

keeps you captive, the eternal beckoning!

The musical pledge on my forehead

makes you desire love;

the innocent arrogant tip of my nose

make you wonder at the creation of God above!

So you see, it is just not the face

but the story of life;

it’s not just a face

but I the woman and my strife!

Soft like a feather, hard like armor

pure like a child, wild like storm,

the hue of the sand,

the touch of the rainbow;

that isn’t just a face but

I the woman, you know!


Old Ollie said...

Nice one - dig the imagery Doc.

Rashmi said...

So beautiful...

Kim Nelson said...

You've carefully illustrated the entire woman, how she sees herself, how he sees her. Nicely done.

Celestial Dreamz said...

thank you Old Ollie, Rashmi, Kim Nelson :)