Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rupsha's world ....

The poem is dedicated to my beautiful angel Rupsha and many thanks to Babui for letting her be my daughter ......

The colour of my cloud is pink.
Let me paint it my way, Mom
If you could come and peep into my world
You would have seen
my rainbows and my raindrops.
They all have the silence that
I hear among the ocean waves
and the noise that
I hear in that angel’s whispers!
And my birds and my butterflies do always
flutter around my shoulder
In a vibrant haze.
Do you know that the meadows and the mountains
there have smells and colours?
And the caterpillar and also that groovy monkey
would wait to talk to me every day?
One day I will hold your hand and bring you
to my shadow world of magic and music.
Both of us, then, will paint our world
in an animated VIBGYOR,
exactly the way we would want to;
perfectly the way we would love to.
you will see Mom, we would sing and laugh
like we friends do at the school tiffin hour
and then,
I wont have to feel those silent tremblings
of your body and your suppressed sobs
that I often hear and don't understand
but always hate so much!
For, mine is a world of joy
without the frowns and
the raised index finger!

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