Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Saddest lines!

With west wind blowing
and the rain fall supple
I was floating aimless
with faint stars glowing.
Why did you come
within that great abyss
with your loving kiss
you leaned to be close
and let me live
thousand years of life
in a few moments?

Now it’s a dream or
snap shot stapled to mind
You left me sorrow
as deep and high as mountain
I am neither living nor dead
just a bottomless lacuna.
You left me the saga of pain
like the deep blue ocean
and the weeping rain
the mammoth night
enormous without you
separated souls
by oceans and deserts
and millions skyscrapers
now the love between us
like a raw tattoo
a smear, a half healed wound.
My silhouette now
Against the sky a scarlet bruise!

Yet my small secret smile
Triumph of my heart now
numb in death
for this is the last pain
you could cause to me
For this is the last time
I cried in vain!

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