Monday, April 26, 2010

Gift of love

At last I reach here, where I am.
A last enormous freedom that
you cared to gift me
with all earnest sincerity.

You have gifted me
a rainfall, packed neatly in enchanting
smiles and piercing eyes, and
those fascinating groovy dimples
are the strings to fasten it so carefully.

You have gifted me
the calm of star lighted hours
The fragrance of early jasmine flowers
The last smile of a fading day
And the first young violet of the spring,
all so carefully kept in an envelope
of your steady embrace and endearing whispers,
like a dew drop in an autumn morning.

You have gifted me
an echo,vibrant with
the resonance of your voice
wrapped in abstract geometric patterns ,
more intense than the easy fathomable reality!

You have gifted me
a bouquet of a horizon where
melody and moonlight meet
You have gifted me
a beginning at the end, neatly placed
in trinket case and a basket of strength and oneness
enfolded in serene ideology
draped in a sound like enormous wings
swathed in steady flight and a concrete destination
among all other faceless furrows of the world.
You have gifted me
a secret sky , veiled in a few moments
that surpasse a lifetime
You have gifted me
a sight beyond seeing itself
enfolded in charming laughter
to take a step ahead without feet,
to regard the world invisible
and create a world of oneness
painted beautifully in turquoise blue
with shapes and borders
our own!

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