Thursday, April 29, 2010


Without you the night is so long!
I bear the burden of the

hours and the minutes ticking away
as heavy as a colossal mass.
The ocean of silence around me is filled
with a sarcasm that screams your name.
My longing weeps against
the stillness of the night,
without you time is borrowed!
A blanket of memories and
my yearning embraces futile desire
of a dreary dreamless night.
The snake like fingers of my sighs
are choking me now;
my hopes flutter its wings in panic
waiting to be let go
like that poor dragon fly
in the little boy’s clasp;
my tears and silent sobs tremble in fear
for the nameless, faceless thousand nights
that await,
keeping company with loneliness.
Without you my frantic whispers
murmuring of your name
toss and turn on their sides
melting into illusion!

I must live
Don’t let me die


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