Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ode to luscious lips

My heart is numb
and I lie helpless
in intoxication
tasting you
the kiss
and the heat of fire.
When you smile in askance
Do you want to feel
the desire of a falling star?
And the ruin of
some broken verses
on you
Merge with your promises
Come close to me
yet stay apart
my death in your hands
or is it my reality
my nectar for life?
Among other
swarming smirk and
sneer I see you
in your mystifying curve
the depth of the sea
like the deepest night.
In you my infinite dreams
in your luscious arc
lies my twilight sky
and my hundred stars.
Your coquettish beam
launches fire in a lover’s heart
Your solitary songs
allure me to hope.

But still
falsity on you and
those slouching pledges
the wreck and debris
of forged assure
A void and
an uncanny emptiness
and then
among the mourning
I see you dead
sulking and pouting
navigating tragedies
you become pale
and then on that fateful day
I see you dead.

Now, sitting
in my far away lonely corner
I still remember
alluring lotus
your magic casement
In which lies
my strength and my joy
and now I am in love with death
in my pensive mood
my tribute
and my heart
is intoxicated again.


Arun the Rising Sun said...

i detect a sadness but sometime heart enjoys sadness........ lovely lines.....

Celestial Dreamz said...

thank you Arun