Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My pink passion ..

O my pink passion
and whirlwind love!
I will touch you with my soul,
bashful first
but soon out of inhibition,
like a dancer
to your tune
trembling to your whispers,
the rough strife,
the tearing pleasure,
spine, flesh, bones and veins
blazing fire,
the bated breath and
that feverish travel;
if I gain you once, tonight
I will peril hundred deaths tomorrow!


Elaine said...

Written with such passion. A pleasure to read.

Brian Miller said...

whew. just to have you tonight...this is hot...i like it.

Reggie said...

Wow!...you have MY attention...passionate AND sensual...it also flows well..a big smile...

dustus said...

Nice. The more I read your work, the more I like your style. Well written and emotional

Kavita said...

Wowww!! Intense and so full of passion!! Loved it, Dr. B!!

Those last 2 lines were simply FABULOUS!!
(clapping wildly)

Jingle said...

aptly done tale.
stay blessed.