Thursday, April 22, 2010

My second living .........

Just when I was feeling
the walls of my being
was looming inside
swelled with claustrophobia,
Love comes! without any
embellishments! enticements! exaggerations!

My second living begins!

love comes quietly
through that serene walk
among those Gulmohar trees
and the patient wait beside the placid lake.
the smell of fresh mint leaves, almond and peaches.
Love envelopes me like an
avalnache! awakening! apocalypse!

My second living
of magnificent azure sky,
of the trinkling sonority of
a rushing gushing brook,
silken brown eyes of the squirrels,
a landscape vibrating an aquamarine fragrance
with the innocence of a child at his mother's breast.
my second life of
happines! harmony! heaven!

His passion crushes me into himself
as if he would swallow me in his soul
and that is the only way we could be one.
merged in a perfect moment
we look neither before nor beyond!
my feverish longing
palpable! proliferating! pulsating!

My love is stubborn and adament
and smells like wild grass, mahogony green,
my mind whips about in its urgency
to make him mine.
I crave for an existence irridescent
like my frosted nail polish and
my weather vane soul runs in manic spinning
to possess him in torturing jealosy.
For love alone has pain many
insecure! impulsive! incandescent!

But soon after,
like a proud steady flight of an eagle
he guides me rise far beyond,
In each others' arms we create our
own private space;
in the oneness of our soul
we carve a niche for ourselves!
joind by an invisible cord
an unconditional love so naked and pure
in its innocence! Love in a form
supreme! sublime! sacred!

Now, Love makes us
boyant, expansive, uncontainable!
beyond Earthly limitations
surpassing the imprisoning patterns of ego
we have built our home
whose walls are our divine space,
its floor is our eternal sky,
within which we dissolve and form ourselves
into each other like the phoenix bird, like
the fireflies in summer days.
I become another him.
My second living,
divine! dainty! dreaming!

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