Wednesday, April 21, 2010


For how long can a heart go on dying?
once it is destroyed into small pieces and
and you find only a stinking debris in its place,
when the membranes of its wall are torn layer by layer
and you just sit back and watch in helpless patience
how it is now a carcass and the stench
slaughtering those cobwebs of memories
in a ruthless callous urgency;
after that it is a peaceful numbness
that settles on your soul
like a spent rainfall
that wont perch earth's thirst anymore
yet would leave behind a strange smell
of experience, of a birth and a cycle of life,
your lips twitch in a smile
for your heart does not hurt anymore;
now, in those countless sleepless hours
it is just a strange peaceful waiting
till your heart merges with eternity
under the soil or along with the fire
beyond any hurt, beyond any cruelty and lack of love
it now remains at peace
in an inevitable ending that
can only signify another beginning!

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