Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The other woman

I wanted to grow in that love
severing all ties.
With him I felt fresh as river wind;
a sudden desire in a land so barren,
mind so eager to touch the precious pearl!

But each time we made love
I would see her; the other woman!
a beautiful illusion, an enchantment;
the other woman, her smoky eyes
and lips cranberry and glitter.

Hours follow hours and
I lie alone in my mind;
I close my eyes in his loving embrace
but I see their golden brown bodies
warm and humming.

I begin with hating her; a jealousy so corrosive;
the other woman; In her searching eyes,
In her nights of joy and solitude
It is the same search of love, that I wear in me.
the music of her quickened breath matches with mine.

There are voices in my head now!
Our lives are already mixed like past and future;
promises and disappointments
beyond the kisses and the perfume!
What would tell me where I belong?

The love of a man or the right of a woman?
A lonely moan hardens my breath;
I stretch my hand to
fulfill my book of errors
for I realize, not her but

it’s me who is the other woman!


Andy said...

The ending seals this poem. Very nice.

bendedspoon said...

Whew what a twist! Never easy wherever each one belongs.
Here's to healing :)

Butterflies of time said...

I thought i could see where this was leading to . enjoyed the descriptions ,imagery and the change of perspective at the end.

JamieDedes said...

Well rounded poem. Clean and clear. The ending makes it a cut above the usual. Nice work. Thanks for the fine Potluck contribution.

Jingle said...


Anonymous said...

you write well baishali and i enjoyed this ;) here's another of mine..

Anonymous said...

Fantastic. The ending is so powerful.

Anonymous said...

hmm loved the twist of story. the image you created was so perfect. loved this one (:
here's my piece if you wanna check if out :)