Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Existence ....

For the one and only man in my life who loves me unconditionally for the person I am ... he is always there to make me smile and wipe away my tears ... to care for me along with all my oddities and weirdness .....

When you look at me with your raised eyebrows
and dreamy soccer- like eyes,
filled with never ending queries and wonder,
the world suddenly appears to be happy
And ‘peace’ doesn’t seem to be a myth anymore.
The smell of crayons, pencils, cricket balls
PSP and Nintendo
give me a reason to live through another day.
Those mischievous twinkles and angelic smile
wrap up the whole world for me and
I begin to live all over again,
my umbilical bond ever strong and connected
through all the innocence in your eyes, and
the stubbornness of your chin!
You string me a dream of whispering fairy tales and cartoons
You thread me moments of hot chocolate and pizzas
You weave me joyous stories of streaming sunshine
You make me believe in YOU

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