Monday, April 19, 2010

Moonshine bright ........

In remembrance of the first time I became aware of the intensity of my feelings for him ....

Moon was hovering around the milkyway
among the black and white cloud.
Sometimes she would feel ticklish
at their soften silky touch
Often she would giggle out of joy
when a sudden rush of rain will touch her hair
She would be thrilled, when the rare
rainbow would caress her soft cheek
And when a twittering bird
will sing a song into her ears
she would sing along in joy and mirth.
So you see, she wasn’t really sad!
Yet she didn’t know what to do
with those abrupt bout of tears
those moistened eyes,
would make her fear
she failed to understand
the strange pain that
would keep gnawing at her heart!

And then you come with your sunrays
glowing as bright with hue
Moon gets a reason to live
for it's only your warmth
that shows her happiness true.
Now the sky looks bluer
And the earth’s flowers bloom on the vale
she forgets the cool winter
her fatigue and meek shine
now brightened to a passionate gale.
Forgotten is the furrow and
now there’s sunshine and breeze
she has burst her bondage
And now she is new and free.

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