Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It is past midnight now, may be 2 am. The woman, in her lazy steps, comes and stands in her balcony. She isn’t really beautiful in an ideal sense yet her unkempt tussled hair and the careless way she has donned her gown, that occasional biting of her lower lip and mostly, that drunken love in her eyes make her look quite irresistible. But she is oblivious of herself. She can see only a part of the sky from where she stands and a half peeping moon to keep her company.
She enters a private world of her own. Now she lovingly looks at her foreign splendorous Star. It is drawing her like a magnet. How terribly strong its pull is! She long desperately to be one with it. She yearns to touch it; to make it her own. She meets her splendorous Star and then it is a strange strong bond! It comes to her when it shouldn’t have, yet it comes firmly and steadily. She questions the sky why it has come now, when she is finally at peace with her losses? When she has opened her fists and let the things she longed for slip away?
And then the usual pangs of harsh reality; reality that keeps her feet shackled on the ground so hard that her feet bleeds. A strange fear grips her whole being; the fear of losing her Star. What if someday she comes and gazes at the sky and fails to find her Star? There is a fear in her voice, in the clutch of her perfect nails on the railing.
Her splendorous foreign Star …. It plays a song to her just before twilight and she keeps following that tune. Everything else seems meaningless. She knows if she keeps feeling this way she will break more rules. A storm begins and for the first time she doesn’t get scared of it. She gets prepared to follow the Star wherever its destiny would lead.
She doesn’t want to hope too much, but she can feel the blood swirling in her head. And she knows that love after all is a strange thing; love that weapon can not pierce, fire can not burn! And she knows that her endless waiting has already begun! Yet she is not afraid. She gets prepared in her mind. She feels her Star, her nexus of energy, and its tender gaze on her like a soothing breeze, like a mother’s hand, like a sleep on her eyes in her lonely nights.

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